Oh I hurt…

I hurt and it’s my own darn fault.

I used to be a very active person. In high school I ran cross country, track and played basketball.  During college I still managed to walk or run almost daily.  When the kids were little we went on walks often and  just hauling their stuff anywhere was a work out.

But as time went on, I lost the desire to stay fit. There’s lots of reasons and excuses but the fact is I just didn’t want to go outside and do anything. This led to a lot of added fluff and more reluctance in getting back into shape. Things spiraled down from there.

But now, I’ve got some issues. My back hurts nearly constantly, just standing in the kitchen to cook a big meal makes me tired and I get out of breath way too soon. Things aren’t horribly bad now, but I knew if I let it continue it will be.

So this week I started walking again. I’ve got a 3 mile loop mapped out and I’ve walked it every day since Monday. Currently it takes about 40 minutes and it’s somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 steps (still working on getting my pedometer calibrated correctly.) I’ll be giving myself a rest on Saturdays but I intend to walk for the next few weeks to get things going again.

I’m going to check on the MOCA fitness center, I think the monthly fee is $5 or based on income. This way when the weather isn’t optimal for walking I can go there. They also have weights and other fitness equipment. Otherwise I’ll be looking for a treadmill or something later this fall.

But walking isn’t the only thing I’ll be doing. Starting next week I’m going to add in short bursts of exercises into my schedule.  I’ll start with the 10 minute workouts during lunch then add one in the afternoon and maybe to the morning too. I’ll try to extend those workouts to 20 then 30 minutes in the weeks and months ahead.  And of course I’ve got the exercise ball here at work that I sit on most days that my back isn’t killing me. I can do little bursts of exercises with that too.

I can say that so far my back hasn’t been hurting as much at night and I’m waking up before my alarm so that I can go walk.  So I hope this is working. I’ll know soon enough I guess.



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