Paying it Forward #GISHWHES

Social Media is abuzz with the hashtag GISHWHES. If you are confused as to what this is, click on the link and find out. Don’t worry I’ll be right here waiting.

Back?  Great! Looks like fun doesn’t it! 😀 Imagine spending the first week of August running around finding interesting objects to turn in for the Hunt. Of course I didn’t realize they had signed up for it until later, but there’s always ways to participate.

My contribution this year is writing 140 word stories featuring Misha Collins, The Queen of England and this little fella, called an Elopus.

Elopus You can go just about anywhere from fantasy to space to horror with those kinds of prompts and so far I’ve hit those three with a little humor tossed in here or there.  I’m pretty good at writing with prompts and micro-fiction is pretty fun to do. I’ve written 4 for different teams so far. 😀

If you know of anyone who needs a story please let me know. There’s still a couple of  days left!


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