New adventures: Co-Writing

I’ve not said a lot yet about the Space Marine Gerbil serial yet, but I’ve mentioned it a few times here. I’ll have the last two interviews up in the next couple of weeks and hope to launch the story by the end of the month.

One of the scary things about this series is I’ll be co-writing this with a very good writer friend of mine. lady Kuro and I have been friends for a long long time. I believe we met way back in one of the previous incarnations of the Fifth Wind Forum. Even when the site was down we’ve kept in touch through various social media outlets and forums.

So although I know Kuro quite well, we have completely different styles.  That’s the big challenge here with co-writing.

So yesterday we had a great opportunity to play around with co-writing and do something to help the community. Together we wrote a few of the 140 word stories required for the #GISHWHES2014 challenge.

Since we already had the prompts (Queen of England, and elopus and Misha Collins) we could immediately start on writing. However we took the time to decide a theme or setting for each story. Once that was decided we chose a character and picked an appropriate trope (yea in these cases it was best to use a familiar idea so that the reader can fill in the blanks a bit easier). Then we each took a turn writing a line or two.  While we always went over the word count, it was easy to agree where we needed to cut lines and we worked well together.

I felt it was great practice for the serial and let us refine how we would like to work.

Now we just have to get some online time together so that we can get the story going.  😉

Hope that you will be able to read it soon!



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