Review of “The Coin Whisperer” and what I did this weekend

wpid-20140603_101102.jpgA good friend of mine, Anthony Cardno, put up a review of my short story “The Coin Whisperer.” this weekend. It made me squee with delight. 😀 If you haven’t read my story, go check it out.

ION- did some reading on some stories and got some very important feedback on a somewhat short story.  It took until today to decide how I wanted to handle the minor issues. I think I know how to go about that now.

I also worked on the bead loom this weekend. I’ll be doing another cuff for myself this time. Not quite halfway finished with the piece yet but I’ll work on it this week as I have time.

The novella story has been set on the back burner for a few more weeks. Not quite ready to tackle the monster but I think I’ll start on it next week after this week’s chaos of dayjob and the boys going back to school are over.

Other than that, I’ve been walking 5-6 days a week.  I’ll be adding some short exercise bursts throughout the day this week (2 or 3 times I believe) and my back pain is at least manageable.  I’ll see how things go for next week.




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