Hot, Hot, HOT!

If you live in my general area, you know that we are experiencing a rather odd heatwave for the season.  For the most part, the summer heat peaks at the end of July and the beginning of August. Not so this year. In fact, the end of July and beginning of August were below normal, sometimes even as low as the mid 70s for a high.

This year’s weather has been interesting to say the least. Since last year we’ve had sporadic rain leaving crop fields dry. There’s not as much hay to bale as in previous years. And when it does rain, it’s sometimes a torrent, too hard and too fast for the ground to absorb easily.

Yesterday B, my oldest and myself spent the day out of doors. Oldest volunteered to be a deck hand at one of the local lake resorts so that his class could raise money for Project Grad.* Since it was an hour’s drive away, I requested that B and I go fishing while oldest did his thing.  The volunteer day was scheduled before the heat wave otherwise I doubt that it would have been so easy to get volunteers.

I’ve dealt with being out in the heat all day before. Parents were farmers and there were plenty of summers I spent mostly outside. The key to staying cool is to not push yourself over the limit. Drink plenty of water. And  most importantly stay in the shade.  Knowing this, we packed the car with fishing gear, a cooler with ice and waters and stopped by a sub place for some sandwiches.

We drove to a part of the lake I wasn’t familiar with but it was lovely. The resort is in a little cove with plenty of trees for shade. Oldest went to work and B and I cast our lines out into the water. I have to say I spent most of my time watching the little darters swim around as the fish sure weren’t biting.

We went home, slightly sunburnt and hot, but really it wasn’t too bad.

However after a few minutes in the cool of the house I think we all felt like this. littlecat


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