Exciting! New Things! YEA!

2014 really has been a year of stretching my limits. With some well meaning tail kicking, I’ve actually got several stories out in the wild, there’s several more in the works, and I’m even working on sending out reprints soon! 😀

But what’s really exciting is some of the new projects I’m working on. Friday the Space Marine Gerbils launched the first episode.  *waits patiently while you read*  Fun hunh?  We will be have the next episode posted on the 19th.  Hopefully we will have an episode posted about every other week.

Writing wise, I’m still working on the social commentary story I’ve talked about a few times. The silly thing keeps growing although I think I’ll have to chop out some parts unless they become really meaningful. but that will happen after the draft is complete.  I’m still thinking it’ll reach somewhere in between 15,000 to 20,000 words. Maybe longer.

But now come the really exciting stuff. I’m going to be working on an audio drama!  I was chatting with my friend June Swinford, writer/reader/audio script writer, on our next writing projects. She mentioned she wanted to do a superhero script and I wondered what a horror/superhero story would look like. Before long we were tossing ideas at each other. Then she mentioned that we should co-write it. That’s all it took to create “The Night Watch.” We have characters, some background, and a start for the series. We even figured out a very long reaching story arc that can cover several different story lines. Hopefully we’ll get together this week and start on the script.

Oh and I’ve never tried to write an audio drama before. It will be interesting to see how this works out. 😉

so for now that’s all the exciting news I have.

Oh and stealing this from Monica Valentinelli: (and making it my own)

How I feel today: Excited and I just can’t hide it!
Exercise: Walked 45 minutes this morning
What I’m listening to: audio dramas this afternoon
Gaming Log: Crisis Core
Reading Log: Slush!
Movie Log: dono
Art Log: Beading on the cuff– I need to finish that
Last story I finished writing: “The Dirty Nest” – flash fiction
Work Log: Shortish stories, Episode 4 for Space Marine Gerbils, Prep work for “The Night Watch”, Editing, slush, freelance work

2 responses to “Exciting! New Things! YEA!

  1. “… my friend June Swinford, writer/reader/audio script writer” You forgot unparalleled beauty, brilliant musician, and all around fun person to be with! 😀 But seriously, Night Watch could be a world of fun; I’m really looking forward to getting started on it!


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