It’s the weekend already?

Wow, this week went by quickly and it’s Saturday afternoon already. Next week looks to be the same kind of crazy so if I don’t post much don’t worry. I’m around.

Great news though, my guest post over at Special Needs in Strange Worlds went live this week.

We put up a new episode of Space Marine Gerbils this week.

I’m happy with my exercise progress.

I also spent a couple of days in Branson Mo for a work conference. Learned new things to take back to dayjob.

Now I get to catch up on all the stuff I haven’t been able to tackle this week.

  • I’ve got some freelance work waiting on me.
  • Write a blog post for AIP–  I think it will be about heroes.
  • Lots of reading to catch up on.
  • I know there’s still slush to catch up on.
  • One of these days I’ll just sit and finish the beaded cuff I have started.
  • Still working on some knitting and crochet projects too.

And what ever else the world decides to throw my way today.

Hope your weekend is going well. ttys




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