September Update!

Well, I’m a few days late in posting my monthly update, but I guess that’s okay.  Things have been busy: Dayjob, kids, writing and general life has really eaten up the time. And now we are starting all of the end of the year holidays, I know it is just going to get worse. But again I’ll survive.

So, where to start.

This month I’ve talked about

Elements of Great Flash Fiction,

Some of my new projects,

All of the Flavors of the Reading Rainbow,

and of course Banned Book Week.

wpid-20140603_101102.jpgI’ve been working on a novella this month and sent it out to betas. Had some great feedback on a couple of parts so doing some more adjustments. I might have it ready to send off in the wild sometime this month!

I had a guest post up in Special Needs in Strange Worlds.

And a blog post up on the Apocalypse Ink Productions page on Dystopias, the Apocalypse and World Annihilation.

My good friend Mercedes Yardly launched Pretty Little Dead Girls.

Audio Drama is definitely testing my writing.

And I sure didn’t have a good time last weekend while gaming.

I’m still walking every week. I took a week off (because of laziness and some weather issues) and man did I ever pay for it with pain. Not making that mistake again. I have to find either a cheap treadmill or join an exercise program for the winter months.

My writing stats  as of this afternoon are:

Rejection count 2014 – 32
Stories out 12
Acceptances: 1
Shortlisted: 1 (1R)

I’ve also had a bit of progress on some craft type projects that I’ve had around the house for ages. OceanShores5

So looking forward,

October is going to be another really busy month.

First of all I’m doing something completely girly.  I’m having an online Jamberry party!  I like having pretty nails; however, I don’t always have the time to sit and wait for my nails to dry completely. I can’t even count the times that the polish is almost dry and I go do something and bump my nails and then get everything all messed up. Jamberry is a great option for awesome nails without the wait! They are vinyl coverings (Much like a sticker) that you can just warm up with a blowdryer, stick on, seal with an orange stick, trim and go!  If you are interested in samples, or joining my party just let me know!

Of  course there will be writing. October is a great time to pull out those kind of scary ideas and do some quick flash.  You never know what will come out. Some might need more work for later but others could be ready to go right now!

This month will be head down, get crafting month. I’ve got to get some things finished soon. My head has been a-spin with ideas lately and I have to limit myself to a few at a time.  I have several knitting/crochet/beading projects that need to be finished before I can move on to some really cool stuff that’s in my head.

And even farther:

There are so many more projects that are opening up in the future. Crafting, writing, and other opportunities are just waiting for me to catch up.

I’ll get there.

And you can help me.

If you like some of my work, post a comment, vote it up, or write a review.  I’ve listed them below for your convenience.

You can also subscribe to the Space Marine Gerbils blog. We are just getting started on the first adventure!

Or if you are interested in one of a kind beaded or fabric art, go look at my Etsy store or FB fan page.  (yes I do custom work!) I’d be happy to make something for you.

And to those who have been helping me along the way. THANKS!



Short stories!

“The Coin Whisperer”

“Ordinary Hero”

“The Fadeaway”

“Rachel’s Journal” from the In Situ anthology

“Never to Return” from the Fish anthology

“The Gammi Experiment” from Flying Pen Press


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