Sometimes when you are close, you need to reevaluate

So Wednesday I received another rejection on a story. It’s not such a big surprise. I’m now up to 33* rejections for 2014. I don’t think that’s too bad for someone who didn’t have anything out this year until March. Just to keep you caught up, I’m up to 12 stories out in the wild, writing a few more and possibly considering NaNo. I’ve also sold one story this year.

This particular rejection did give me a thrill–even if it wasn’t an acceptance. First of all it’s another personal rejection from a pro market. Second, there’s some really good advice in it that I agree with. This particular story has gotten a few comments that leads me to believe that I’m close to what I really need to be doing but not quite there. So now I’m reevaluating.

Normally, I don’t do anything but look over a submission before sending it back out. Sometimes I see a few errors or places where I need to clarify, but I don’t do much.  You see I’m almost afraid to. If I change things too much, then I’ll leave behind the initial story. Poking at one section can lead to poking in another. Then you are neck deep in edits on a story that you THOUGHT you had finished.

True, writers and your writing should always evolve, but you don’t want to get caught up in the never ending cycle of editing without submitting. At some point, you really need to let the story go. It will come back to you sometime. If it comes back often enough or with comments on how it could possibly be improved, then maybe, you should consider it.

Which is what I’m doing now.

I had another writer do a quick reading and she agrees that there’s some things I could tweak.  I’ve spent the last couple of days thinking on what I want to do and how. I’ve come to the conclusion to at least give it a shot.

You see, there’s nothing to loose. I’ve already been told that the story isn’t quite there. I’ve gotten some great feedback. Most importantly, I know as a writer I’m always improving. There’s also nothing to lose as I can always go back to the original file.

So I guess this weekend I’ll be rewriting a story and seeing how this goes.



*While I don’t exactly have a goal for rejections for the year, I have been been told that if I reach 100 I’ll get a prize. I’m expecting a few more responses any day now.


2 responses to “Sometimes when you are close, you need to reevaluate

  1. I agree – edit as little as possible. My editor made me go back and retread the ending of Massif and it was a real hassle. Changing an entire 25% of a novel is much harder than changing it. The story came out much better as a result, but I sure wouldn’t want to do it again. Leaks do spring up throughout the entire story as a result and it takes real discipline to find and fix them.

    In the case of Massif, the improvement from an edit was substantial. If it isn’t going to improve things much, I’d avoid doing an edit like that again.


    • I did have to do some requested edits for “The Coin Whisperer” by taking off the introduction and starting in another spot. That wasn’t difficult although I had to work in a few pieces of information back into the story. It worked out better.

      I did get through some of the edits this weekend but on other stories. Minor changes actually. I’m going to try to tackle the Hero story later this week. I’ve also got another that I read back through and I’m wondering if my computer didn’t save some edits or I was on cold medicines when I did edit(In Feburary when I know I had a bad cold) it as I’m completely bumfuzzled at what I have in there! lol


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