It’s my most and least favorite time of the year

wpid-20141024_092319.jpgThe colors of the leaves are changing. Right now we are just coming into our peak of color.  I’ll try to get some photos because fall is always breathtaking for nearly a week before it fades and the leaves begin to fall in earnest.  I love fall, but then again, I hate it too.

There are very specific things I love about this season. I love the colors that paint the variety of trees we have here. There’s everything from a deep russet to bright yellow. It’s a on days like today, they provide a sharp contrast to the dreariness of the cloudy sky.

Fall is the time of year when all of the windows are open in the house. The cool nights has me cuddled in blankets with cats on my lap. I buy big containers of hot cocoa and lots of marshmallows. I even enjoy the way the leaves gently fall and race across the yard when the wind blows.

But fall also reminds me that the year is almost over. There’s such a huge push for holidays and gifts and going to parties that brings some stress but the worst part is the one little question: Did I do what i wanted to this year?

Well, this year the answer is mostly yes.

I’ve got stories out in the wild. I’ve had three published so far. I’ve written several more. I’m not just dabbling now. I’m hip deep in it.

I’ve explored some new ideas in beading. Stay tuned for some more on that later. There’s now more possibilities that are opening up.

While I can’t count myself as proficient I can knit and I’m working on new patterns in crochet.  Maybe in the next year or two I’ll get a sewing machine and make some of my own clothing.

Someone promised me that we’d get my lampworking studio set up soon.  I’m really looking forward to playing with fire again.

Did I get everything I wanted done?


I haven’t lost much weight but I’m not gaining either. My back issues are still ongoing but with regular exercise the pain have eased up some.

I haven’t tackled either of the novels I need to start editing. (there are 3 now)

I didn’t get a garden out again this year. So that means no canning/preserving things either.

But I’m determined not to focus on those.

I did pick up new projects this year that I didn’t expect.

I have gone new directions creatively.

I have reached goals I didn’t even think of at the beginning of the year.

So while I do have some regrets for this year, I am happy for what I have achieved.





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