What’s your plan Z

zombie  It’s always good to have a plan in case of emergencies. Most workplaces and schools have fire, tornado and other emergency drills to prepare people for bad weather or other emergencies.  Heck even here at work I have a manual on what to do to protect my work and myself from various bad things such as fire, flooding and even armed robbery. It’s a step by step on how to prepare and prevent a lot of damage. However, there is no Plan Z.

In my house Plan Z is the agreed upon plan my family will initiate if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse. Now I know some of you might be laughing at this point, but if you ever take a look at what I write, you’ll soon realize that this is actually practice for stories.  Over the years, the boys and I have developed a plan that could work if shit ever really hit the fan.

First of all is to group back up. Forgo looting for the moment. The most important thing is to get back together as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Grab the bug out bags, stuff with non-perishables in the house, pack car/truck with weapons and equipment. Head to my parents.

Step 3:  Once there, evaluate the situation. Decide on what to do next. B will want to head south to get his dad. I would probably want to set up defenses around the farm.  We would probably split up to divide the work.  B could be back within 24-48 hours depending on what roads he took. Defenses would take at least that long. Heavy equipment would have to be moved to surround the house and enough pasture to support a few cows. (yes this is possible!)

Step 4:  Block off roadways out.  We don’t want other people around. Bridges are easily torn apart giving us a relatively safe area from general intruders.

Step 5: Wait out the initial panic. This will be the hardest part. People will panic. The towns will burn. Cities will be overrun.  Only the smart and the strong will survive.

Step 6: Only loot after things quiet down. The smart thing here is you aren’t going to be fighting everyone. If people are dead they aren’t going to be eating the food they looted and stock piled. If you are careful, there’s easy pickings. Here is also where you will need good gathering skills. By about 6 months, everyone is going to be tired of canned food. Fresh meat, wild greens and fish will be essential to keeping people alive. Sure you can scavenge but you can’t rely on that food always being there.

Step 7: Evaluate the situation. If things change, be willing to come up with another plan. Keep supplies, food and other essentials close at hand. Always be ready to bug out.

Jennifer Brozek asked what you would do if the Zombie Apocalypse happened on Friday.  Think about what these people say.

So what would you do?


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