It’s cold, pardon me while I sneeze.

I meant to get a lot of stuff done this weekend.  The list was made and I had a plan. However, life as always had other plans.

The weather in my area at this time of year is coolish so the temperature plunge we experienced this weekend was a bit of surprise. We hustled to get the windows covered and fix the door on the crawlspace under the house.  B was still fixing stuff when the snow began to fall on Saturday.

I, in the mean time, was coming down with a case of the ickies. Not sure if it was a touch of the flu or a slight cold, but whatever it was knocked the wind out of my sails for a few days. Slightly stuffy nose, bit of a headache and I simply wanted to sleep all day. Not normal at all for me.

So that list? I’ve been chipping away at it this week. But it’s cold outside and I still just want to curl up and hibernate until spring comes around again. (Possibly time to get a full spectrum light right?)

I did receive some great news though. A short story that’s been hanging around for a couple of years. It’s now been accepted!  Once I have the details I’ll post it. 🙂

I’ll try to have some more interesting things to post about soon. So stay tuned!


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