How to clear your mind

wpid-20140603_101102.jpgI got a comment here on the blog the other week. While I’m pretty sure its a spam message (because while it links to writing the question was posted to one of my posts on beading), I’m going to go ahead and answer it.

I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you do not mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your thoughts before writing. I have had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out there. I truly do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or tips? Appreciate it!

Well thank you anonymous reader. I appreciate you reading and asking a question. I’m going to try to answer it although I’m not sure that this is what you are looking for.

I’m a hit and miss writer. Some days I write a lot, other days not so much. I don’t even write every day and sometimes weeks goes by without me writing much at all. For me this is okay as I have a dayjob, kids/family, some freelancing/volunteer opportunities and other activities that take up time. I’d like to spend more time writing but it’s difficult to squeeze it in every day.

However, there is one thing that I try hard to do every day and for me its essential in my writing process.  I think about what I’m going to write.  I have free time when I’m driving to work (about an hour a day) where I ask myself questions (sometimes out loud) about the story that I’m working on. I also allow myself to daydream and play out scenes in my head.  Then I allow my subconscious brain time to sort out the ideas before I write them.

In many ways this helps me when I’m writing. By talking things out, I’ve allowed ideas to come to the front, be recognized and then discarded if they don’t work all before I start writing.

But this doesn’t help all of the time. I do know the feeling where that first 10 minutes or so of writing feel like slow torture. But as you go along, things seem to warm up. After 20 minutes, I’m usually hitting my writing pace if I haven’t had many distractions.

Other ways of getting through that are:

Word Wars- challenge yourself and others to write as much as possible in 10 to 20 minute spurts.

Scheduling time- habits are a great thing. Scheduling a specific time/place for writing often gets you in gear quicker

Write through it- allow yourself that time to simply write crappy things. You can always edit later!

Talk it out with someone else- Talking out an idea can really be fun and helps you focus your work.

I hope this helps someone. If you know of other ideas let me know and I’ll add them!


One response to “How to clear your mind

  1. I have my best starts when I don’t think at all. Wake up in the morning, grab my netbook and just start typing. Don’t even put my glasses on before I’m at work. If I stop to think, I will start psyching myself out. Of course, those first few paragraphs are generally crapola. But deleting a few paragraphs is easier than fighting that looney-tunes voice in my head telling me I suck.

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