November 2014 update

Well, 2014 is almost over. We’ve got just a few more weeks to survive before we start a new year. As I’ve been trying to keep the updates going, here’s what I did for November.

The big news is I turned 40.  It’s kind of scary in a way to know that my life is nearly halfway done (barring accidents and health issues.) But I think I’ve done okay this year. I’m ready to face a new decade of challenges head-on.

I had an odd little question posted to my blog that was really spam but I did decide to answer it.

Round one of the winter sickies was won, waiting now for round two.

I got excited about superheroes over on the AIP page.

And posted my ideas on what makes a good short story.

I’m up to 43 rejections–I might just make it up to 50!  Two stories are being held for consideration and 6 more are out in the wild. I’ve also got two stories going through some major revisions and I hope to have them finished and back out in the wild by the end of the year.

I’ve not done much new writing, however I’m taking a short fiction course with Carrie Cuinn. I’ve got a couple of good pieces although they are tiny! Also perhaps a new world to explore.

I’ve also started some freelance work with editing and such. Just getting my toes wet with this so I’m taking it slowly and carefully.

I’m working on some knitting projects (got to make my hands work faster!) and still have some beading projects to finish up. Yes I will get them done sometime this month!

Otherwise, things are going well. So how about you?  Any news to share this month?




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