2014 My year in review

December is rolling towards it’s last few days, so it looks as though we have survived another year. There’s been quite a lot of changes this year and I feel I’ve been making progress towards my writing. I know there’s a long way to go yet, but I’m pretty happy with what’s been going on this year.

The biggest news this year is my story submissions.  In 2014 I had an average of 7 stories out every month, 43 rejections, and sold 2. That’s not too bad considering I had nothing out the first three months this year. This is the first year I’ve really starting pushing short stories and I’ll continue the trend for 2015.

Four of my short stories were published this year.  “Ordinary Hero”, from Lakeside Circus, was published in February. “The Coin Whisperer” was published in July in Abyss and Apex. Grievous Angel published “The Fadeaway” in  August. And just last week, Kasma Magazine published “Among the Jewels.” I’m happy with my having 4 stories published this year.  Thank you to the editors and publishers that liked my writing. And thank you to those who have read and enjoyed my writing this year.

I had the opportunity to become a personal assistant for Jennifer Brozek and handle public relations for Apocalypse Ink Productions. Some of my monthly duties include: gathering links for the monthly google group round ups, proofreading, coordinating book reviews, working with other authors and publishers on projects, and writing blog posts for AIP. Take my advice, if you ever have the opportunity to work under an author/publisher as an assistant grab it with both hands. I’ve been learning invaluable lessons about publishing and being an author.  Thank you very much Jennifer!

Not only do I have blog posts up on AIP (under the name Shadow Minion) I’ve also had 2 articles posted on other sites this year. For Science in My Fiction I wrote about GMOs and their uses in colonizations.  I talked about the difficulties of  Portraying Disabilities in Fiction over at Special Needs in Strange Worlds. 

New projects had me excited for a lot of the year. Space Marine Gerbils has a few episodes down. Lady Kuro and I haven’t had a lot of time to continue but we will! I’m also working on an audio drama with another friend. The first episode is written, but we’ve got to finish the first season before we send it out.

2014 was another year where I smashed the slush pile down to size. This year I read for Crossed Genres and Goldfish Grimm. While I’m not exactly sure of my numbers I believe I’m pretty close to 600 submissions read. Most submissions were between 500 and 6,000 words. If the average was about 4500, then I read about about 2,700,000 words this year in slush alone or about 27 novels.

Speaking of novels, I didn’t read many this year. Most of what I read in 2014 was slush, short stories and beta reads all of which I greatly enjoy. I’ve even started editing other people’s work.

I’ve kept all the bills paid up with some extra work writing articles–150 of them to be exact.  While the pay isn’t always great, it is good to know that I can make sure everything is going to be paid for. And sometimes it allows me to do something fun for a change.

As you can see I’ve been really busy with writing this year and that means less time for other projects. I’ve only finished a few beading projects this year, however, the ones I have, are stretching my imagination and abilities. I’ve got some plans for next year that could really be awesome.

Over all I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished this year. I didn’t do everything that I wanted, but then again I did things I didn’t expect. Hopefully I’ll look back at this year as a solid beginning of my writing career.

So how was your year?

What interesting things happened?




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