Not a resolution- just some goals

I know most people think hard and decide a few things that they must do for the upcoming year, and that’s great. But with my life I know I can’t set things like that in stone. So instead, I’m just going to list my goals for this year and touch base with them in my monthly updates.  Maybe that will keep the balls going in a somewhat straighter direction than normal.

Since I had a lot of progress with writing this year, I’m going to start with that.

My main goal is to keep writing and submitting short stories. I’d like to have 10 out at any time (right now I’m down to 7 again) I’d also like to write at least 1 new story a month and revise another 4 or 5 that are currently trunked that I think have some potential to be something really great.

Another thing I’m really going to work on is editing. I have 3 novels that are waiting for me. I’ve been hesitant to tackle them because I didn’t feel my editing skills were up to par. But thanks to some great people and some classes and self study, I’ve gotten better. The best way to improve these skills are by slicing and dicing my darlings, so I will edit at least 1 novel this year.

I’m definitely going to continue my work with Apocalypse Ink Productions, Jennifer Brozek and slush reading for Crossed Genres. Once schedules are lined back out I hope Lady Kuro and I can continue the Space Marine Gerbils stories and work on the audio drama will continue once Junely feels better.

I’m also going to tentatively open up to some other freelance work.

One thing I am going to change is how many novels I read this year. Most of what I read was short stories and slush along with some editing work and beta reads. I’ve missed reading things for fun. So for 2015, I’m going to read at least 40 novels for fun.

Next up is my crafting. I didn’t do enough creating with things other than words this year. I had good intentions, but it got slid aside. But I promise to do better for 2015.

Once things warm up a bit, I’ll start on my studio again. We cleaned out the garage, and put my stuff in the corner where I wanted, but I still have a lot of organizing and such to do. I’ll have to run a new electric line, create a vent system and probably build a lot of shelves, but I’ll have a spot to work glass again.

I’ve got a few beadworking projects that I need to finish (some from 2013). I’m excited about some new prospects that have popped up and I hope to be able to take advantage of them soon.

While I have improved on my knitting, I’m still slow as molasses in January. It takes me a while to produce anything but that’s fine. I knit to relax, not to speed through a project. It’s the same with the crochet.

A couple of things I’d like to start (and I’m pretty sure they will have to wait until later) is sewing and wire work. While I hate shopping I love looking at designs. I’m not a very fashionable person most of the time, and my ideas of what looks nice are more than a bit off the wall, but I’d love to at least try to make some clothing for myself.  Wire work will depend on the studio and tools and time. I’ll probably dabble in it before I decide to jump in.

The other stuff I’d love to do for 2015. Doesn’t everyone want to loose some weight and get in better shape? Well, me too but that’s not all.

I want to be more self sufficient so that means a garden and possibly chickens for the back yard.  (yes baby chickens) I’d like to go to a SFF convention this year–still trying to figure out a way to do it. And there’s some other stuff that I’d like to change but not sure if I’ll have the time to do so.  But those are more back burner stuff.

So that’s about all I want to accomplish for 2015.  More writing, editing and working with clients and publishers. More reading novels and short stories. More creating with beads, glass, wire and threads.

So what do you want to do more of in 2015. You don’t have to set a resolution, just some goals and work towards them, one step at a time.


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