January’s over already?

Wow, I’m looking at the calendar and it’s kind of surprising that January is over. Time has flown so far this year.

I’ve been busy on things, although they aren’t things that most people will will notice. Dayjob has kept me hopping. Along with being sick at the beginning of the month (if you get what I had you have my sympathies) I came home exhausted many evenings and just couldn’t get going in writing something new or even updating the blog. I’m hoping February will be better.

So as to what’s been going on writing wise here we go.

I wrote 9 SEO articles for a total of 4,210 words this month. These are mostly short easy to write articles I pick up to help pay for things like car repairs ($300 spent this month), unexpected expenses and what not.  This  month it’s been the bulk of my writing.

I got in 2 blog posts here (bad bad author) but I did have an article on the AIP blog on everything being connected.

I’ve also started on a new short story for a swap but I’ve not gotten far yet.

Of the 6 stories I had out on submission, 2 so far have been rejected, 1 is being held for consideration and I need to write a query for another.

Starting in February I’ll be helping with promoting Evil Girlfriend Media and continuing to work with Apocalypse Ink Productions.  I’ll also have something very exciting to talk about later (at least exciting for me!)

I’ve also started doing some editing work. This month a 40k story.  Next month– we’ll see.

That’s about all for January.

What am I going to do next month?

For the most part, I’ll be doing the same as I did in January.  Writing, editing and reading. 😀




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