Never Stop Learning

Since becoming a personal assistant for Jennifer Brozek and becoming a publicist for both Apocalypse Ink Productions and Evil Girlfriend Media, (Okay WP your links are broken today I’ll go back and fix those when you behave) I’ve expanded on my knowledge base but found there’s so much more to learn.

Publishing isn’t a one-size-fits-all sort of deal. Some authors publish traditionally through the larger publishing houses. Others find homes for their stories with small press.  Still others decide that self publishing is the way to go. Many find a hybrid of these models put books in the hands of readers. Short stories also have a variety of publishing options such as collections, anthologies, ezines, and serial stories on blogs. There’s a thousand and one ways of getting your work out there, you just have to find what works for you.

Because there are so very many options there’s lots of space for people like me, who love the ins and outs and the backside of publishing. Promotion helps get readers excited about new books and what is on the horizon. Editing (developmental, line and content) helps writers produce the best possible story. Personal assistants help writers keep up with obligations, research and little details that can slip to the side. There’s also slush reading, proofreading and various other tasks that have to be done on every publications.

For me, it seems that each opportunity leads to another.  I’m constantly adding tricks to my trade box and becoming a lot more confident in what I’ve already learned. I’m also dusting off some older skills that I used with previous jobs. I’m going to have to go back and play with PS, Illustrator and Correl Draw again. I’ve also found some lovely places I can take some classes for a low cost or even sit in on them for free just to access the information.

So this year is going to include a lot of class time, a lot of self instruction and filling my head with new information that I can use to help my clients, my self and the rest of the publishing community.



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