Women in Practical Armor- Hero of Ithar

WIPAWomen in Practical Armor is close to some of it’s stretch goals. The authors and the crew have been working hard to make this a successful venture, but we still have over two weeks to go.  If you’ve backed this project already THANK YOU! And remember you can order t-shirts and more books even if you’ve already pledged your support.

I was really excited to hear about this call for submissions. Some of my favorite books are about women warriors although I’ve been disappointed sometimes. I spent a lot of time as a teen reading MBZ’s Sword and Sorceress anthologies and even have some of the oldest books in the series. Empowered women is what I like to read about most. This anthology definitely called to me as a reader.

But as a writer, that was a slightly different issue all together.

First of all, I do work for Evil Girlfriend Media. Although I have submitted stories to places I work for, I don’t usually do that simply because I don’t want any sigma of favoritism hanging over my work.

Secondly, Women in Practical Armor is all about the sword and board stories that I grew up loving but didn’t write very often. My first novel is fantasy but since then I’ve drifted away from that sub genre and tackled different themes.

I wasn’t worried about it. There were many other authors working on stories for the anthology.  Reminders about the deadline went up and I shared those on my feed. Excitement was building as authors announced they had submitted.

Then three days before the deadline my muse peeked out from whatever hole she had been hiding in and tossed a complete story at me.

Now normally this doesn’t happen. My muse is a tease, she’ll show me bits and pieces of a story and then leave it to me to figure out what goes on around it. As I write she might lean in and whisper a”what if” but mostly after that one glimpse her job is done. But not this time.

My muse handed me a full short story starting with a scene that made me laugh a little as I wrote it. It then built tension as part of the heroine’s past followed her to her quiet happy home. And the end, well, you’ll have to see for yourself what happens.  😉

I enjoyed writing this story and I think it took only an afternoon to finish.  With a few tweaks and rearranged words, I was finished and sent it off. I was really really excited to receive an acceptance, especially since it was the second one in a single day!

So if you’d like to read my story “Hero of Ithar” you’ll have to assist us in funding the Kickstarter. We are really close to having Gabrielle and Ed create a story for the anthology. After we raise $15000 Katie will reveal the big stretch goal. So help us find out what it is!




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