September Already?

I’m not really sure where the year has gone.  It has been a good one though.

First of all, there’s still time to back the Women in Practical Armor Kickstarter. There’s about 16 hours left. It’s an amazing project and if we reach $20,000 we will be able to fund 2 anthologies, not just one! Plus, no matter what backer level you choose, you can still purchase a t-shirt, poster or one of the other cool goodies that WiPA has. WIPAShirts

I’ve not written a lot this year.  Various reasons- and that’s okay. I’ve got a novella out on beta read at the moment. I wrote it last year and have edited and adjusted until I thought it was good enough to let a select few see. So far everything has been positive. I’ll have a bit of rewriting to do in a couple of areas then I think it will be ready for submission.  Pretty excited about this story because it’s the launching point of a series. I’ve got two of them somewhat written. They badly need a good edit and a backhoe, but if this story is accepted, I know there’s interest in the rest of it.  Gives me hope that I’m not just spinning wheels.

I’m working at increasing my Freelance opportunities.  I currently work for 2 small press organizations and have a couple of other clients for various other things. The sort of work I can do for a client is varied. It can be as simple as proofing pages and writing a press release. Or it can be as complicated as a promotional package for a book complete with contacting book reviewers, setting up blog tours and assisting you with social media.  I kind of fell into this job, and I love it. I want to do more of it.  And I’m still learning skills that I think would be important for my clients. So if you know of someone in need of some assistance, let me know.

I’ve started crafting again. With the help of Art Jewelry Times, I’ve been writing articles and making beaded lovelies again. I hadn’t realized how much I missed it until I sat and started working on little stuff again. There’s not a huge amount of time to create yet but a little at a time is better than nothing at all.  This weekend I’m picking out colors for a branched fringe bib necklace and thinking on what I want to do for a more challenging piece with chains and bigger beads.  I’m thinking orange and black for the bib. Not worked with that color scheme for a while. Not sure at all for the other piece. I’ll probably look at the Pantone color of the year chart for ideas.

This month will also be about getting a permanent website built. I think I’ve decided where to host. Last step is to pick out a couple of WP themes and price that portion out.  I’m hoping to roll everything out by the end of the year. Excited about this. 🙂

So what’s been going on this summer?  Anything good, bad or ugly?



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