Beta Read results for FEAR BOUND

A few weeks ago I had an open call for an urban fantasy novella titled FEAR BOUND.  I got a few nibbles from people willing to read and make comments on it. I’ve gotten most of them back and I’m excited about what they’ve said.

So far, everyone has loved the story.  They really liked the character voice of the MC. No one–so far anyway–has pointed out any character or magic inconsistencies.  Everyone has said that the descriptions are well done.  I didn’t slip often into passive voice or switch verb tenses.

There are a few things I need to work on. Yes I know I have issues with commas, some spelling mistakes, and some other minor grammar issues but it’s minor stuff. Stuff I wasn’t able to master just a few short years ago.

So now I’m working on the revisions. Tweaking a few things here and there. Rewriting a couple of scenes. Hopefully going to bulk it up to at least 25,000 to 30,000 words.

Next I’ll write a summary and a query. I know they aren’t exactly necessary, but I need the practice before I try to wrestle with novels.

I’m really excited about this story. It’s a launching point for a novel series. Not really sure how many books yet as I’ve not fully planned it out but I’m thinking at least 5. Yea I know a hard sale but at least it’s a plan.

And on the backburner is another series.  Space opera this time. Started as a short story I sold a couple of years back. I sat down and kind of summarized what happens in the novel that follows.  Thinking I really need to revise that short first though, bulk it up a bit and possibly make it into a novella itself. There’s a lot to explore in that world.  It needs more characters, more world building and more well insight as to what follows the first novel.  Will post more on that when I can buckle down and get some outlining done on that.

So even though I’m working on freelancing and other things, I’m still writing.  Pushing forward slowly and carefully.  You  know one of these days it will pay off.





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