Progress in bursts

The novel is coming along a bit slower than I anticipated.

I had hoped to be at the 10,000 mark sometime this weekend. Last week I shelled out 2700 words in a day and I thought I’d be able to duplicate that.  Unfortunately, my weekend to-do list was a bit longer than I expected. No worries though, I did write some.

Currently, the novel stands at 6,600 or so words. Not too shabby for a week of writing, especially since I haven’t been in novel mode for a long long time.

I’ve found that I’m doing my most writing in bursts. And I’m putting down some pretty good numbers in short amounts of time. My average is about 750 words in 30 minutes. About five minutes of that is reading the last portion of what I wrote then I dive into the story. So far it’s fairly simple. Lots of dialog but I’ll get to the action soon enough.

While I might not make the progress I had originally expected, it’s nice to see that I can still put down the words without a lot of long pauses.  Writing in bursts is probably how I’ll be creating stories for a while but that’s fine, that’s the way my muse has been working lately anyway.



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