The end (of 2015) is near

So we are half way through the month of December and it’s really hit me this week that 2015 is almost over. Next week is freaking Christmas! O.O

Every year I try to take a look back on the things I wanted to do this year and compare it with the things that I did.

Well here’s a look at what I wanted to do for 2015. It doesn’t look like I did so well… but wait, not all’s a loss.

I’ve only written a few stories this year. The ones I have written have homes though, so it’s not a loss.

I have been submitting. But I’ve also looked at what’s being rejected. My writing style has improved. I’ve got a better idea on what’s marketable. For now I’m going to work towards that. Yes I’ll still write stuff a bit one the experimental and literal style but they are hard to place right now.

I love my freelance work. I now have a few different clients for promotion, editing and other services. I’ve started writing for a small beading magazine. I’ll be looking for more clients and freelance work in the near future.

I didn’t exactly edit a novel this year. I did read through one I had written, make a ream of notes and am currently working (slowly) towards a rewrite. Since most of the story has changed, I’m not using much from the original draft. I think it’s better this way.

Over the past few months I’ve been crafting more. I have a few experimental pieces that are nearly complete. Once I’ve got them ready I’ll post photos.

The studio in the garage is still in the same state it was last year. One of these days I’ll get started on it but it’s just not the time to work more than 4 jobs. lol (dayjob, writing, promoting, editing, crafting…) oops make that 5 jobs.

I did get to go to a SF convention this year. It was great fun. Learned LOTS and met some awesome people.

Overall, I didn’t do so badly. I think 2015 is a growth year. Yes, there’s things I’ll work on more like writing more short stories and getting a novel draft ready for beta reads. Maybe even have it ready for submission by the end of 2016.

I also WILL be creating a website (going to learn a lot of things doing that) for my beadwork and my writing.

There’s a good possibility I’ll be going to a few conventions this year including World Con (it’s in Kansas City so there’s no excuse) and I’m going to really try to make it to some of the small ones locally. (Springfield, St. Louis, etc) I’m also hoping that the little ComicCon in Lebanon takes off. I heard they were going to try to hold 2 more next year.

I didn’t read as much as I wanted this year. But I’m going to try to remedy that too. I’m going to try to keep a list of short stories I liked or at least point you to them. Also read more novels and post reviews. It’s a HUGE thing to remember.

There’s a few other surprises in store. Some things that I’m seriously considering and some that are moving forward.

I’ve got 2 planners–one for freelance, the other for personal stuff–filled out to help me with this journey.

Fingers crossed to have more good news next year!


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