So, this year’s goals are…

It’s the first Monday of 2016 and I’m here at my dayjob waiting for a huge file to load so I’m going to jump on here and post a bit about what I’d like to do this year.

Lots of people set goals for the new year and I, like many people, seem to find we’ve not done as much as we wanted by the end of the year. Whether it’s because of vague goals, real life interruptions or just not having the proper motivation, I just don’t follow up on what I’d like to do.


In order to make some changes I’ve got to organize more. I’ve split up my planners into a professional/freelance and a personal one. I’m trying each day to split my free time so that I can work on projects on both sides. This even means taking 30 minutes or so a day to organize the house. I’m a clutterholic and I hate to get rid of things. So I’m going to slowly start purging clothes, items that I’ve never used or rarely ever use, and things I’ve collected over the years. If I don’t need it, then I’ll see if it can be recycled, consigned or sent to the various places that need clothes or other household items.


I’m hoping that by being a bit more organized it will help me be more productive. Instead of taking a day on the weekend to do laundry, if it’s done slowly during the week (and put away) then I won’t have to rush around to make sure I have clean clothes on Monday right?

This also means tracking my online time better. I have a habit of staring blindly at social sites when I get bored. I’ve already begun to limit my time so that I can direct myself to better purposes.

Better Health

So this is going to be the big one this year. I’ve gained some weight over the past few years and gotten into some bad habits regarding eating. I’m not going to calorie count or diet as that does not work for me. I will increase my intake of vegetables and fresh fruit. Plus decreasing my intake of carbs.

Exercising again is on the agenda. I’m going to start with walking, perhaps get a Fitbit to track my steps (because I can’t get an accurate reading off of a pedometer or my phone app) and see where I stand. I’m sure it’s pathetic but it’s a place to start. Once finances settle, I think I might see about options of a gym or exercise program. I think there’s even a weekly Zoomba class in town. (might be fun?)

Writing/Freelance Work

This is where I really want to increase this year. Goal is to not to have to have a full time dayjob by the middle of the year. (Scary right?) With the dayjob, the current freelance work I do, and family/kids I’m not always able to write daily.  The things I currently write are articles for a beading magazine, Apocalypse Ink Productions blog, and other client requests. I also edit, proofread, and idea bounce with a few select friends. I’m being creative, just not within my writing worlds at the moment. They are still in development though!

The biggest thing I have to do for my writing/freelance is to get a website up. That’s a priority. And since I’m being a bit stubborn, I’m going to try to put at least a skeleton up in the next couple of months. I’ll be posting more about this in the next month or so.

That’s pretty much my goals for 2016. Get organized, which hopefully will lead to some better production. Get up and more more. And increase freelance opportunities. And to keep me honest, I’ll be posting more on the blog so I can see the differences.

Crossing my fingers.

Hope your goals are going well too.


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