There’s aways more room

I think it’s interesting when someone asks a group of creatives “When did you begin to draw/write/paint?” because you often get the same answers.

While there are always late bloomers, but most of the creatives I know, have always dabbled or had great interest in the arts. I know people who wrote their first stories in elementary school. Somewhere there’s a box of sketches an artist did in high school. Musicians usually begin their first lessons when they are young kids though some develop the passion a bit later.

Some know what they want to do right away. They start drawing animals, join the choir or tell stories to their friends. Others meander from creative outlet to creative outlet trying to find the best fit. Many find a single niche, while others spread out their talents across multiple venues.

But they start somewhere.

They master a technique, then two or three, and combine and shape their talents into creating something new and unique. They are creating worlds, beauty and giving us glimpses at our own lives through a different set of eyes.

That’s why there’s always room for one more writer, artist or musician. No one has the same interpretation of the same material. If you give 10 artists, writers or musicians a prompt, rarely ever will you hear or see the same thing. You may not like what they produce but again, you may love it.

A great example of this is music covers. Pick a song, then search Youtube for various interpretations or covers. You’ll find pieces you like, some you hate, and some you can tolerate. Some sound very close to the original. Others change the key, tempo or even switch styles. At the core, it’s the same song, but it’s different.

The same goes with writing stories. Somewhere there’s a saying that there’s only a certain number of core stories. Everything we read is just a variation of those cores. It’s one of those statements that can make you comfortable and yet uncomfortable at the same time. Comfortable in the fact that you can boil your story down to a single scenario. Uncomfortable in the fact that there’s competition.

Magazines, publishers and editors will only accept the best of what it submitted.True that you should submit to the top markets when you write a story, but don’t expect being published right out of the gate on your first try. A lot of new authors don’t realize this when they first start.

Getting published doesn’t happen over night. Very few people get their first story published right away. Fewer still get published their first year. Authors and artists spend years learning their craft, always writing or drawing or painting learning how to do this or that. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right voice or technique. Sometimes it’s all about tone and presentation.  Sometimes it’s something else.

Then they find it-that spark that make their creation different, whole and unique. The piece is accepted, published, sold to some one who loves it. And then it starts over again. There’s something new to learn, a new story to tell, a new song to sing.

Because not only is there room for another creative, but room for more art, more stories, more jewelry, more songs. There’s room enough for everyone.





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