I’m finally doing it!

wpid-20140603_101102.jpgSo there’s something exciting and terrifying and crazy coming up in my life and it’s time I shared it with everyone. (Actually, there’s a few but I’m just going to keep this post to just one.)

I’m taking the leap and going freelance!

While I like my dayjob, I love publishing more. I love working with authors, publishers and artists to create books and reach readers and I decided a long time ago that I wanted to pursue that career choice.  I’ve been cautious about jumping in there because–you know freelance–it’s not always the most secure job financially. But I have had a few opportunities arise that have kicked my reluctance to the curb.

I’ve already turned in my resignation and once the right candidate is found and properly trained I’ll be working full-time from home. No more getting up early. No more driving 5 days a week. No more a lot of things.

But I’ve not a lot of NEW things happening.

As I’ve already mocked out a schedule I’m going to have time for exercise and gardening and writing and crafting again. I’ve already done a mock schedule and these things are going to happen! I’m getting a proper website put up. There’s also some other things happening that have been unexpected but nice.

As to who I’ll be working with, well take a look.

I’m still working with Apocalypse Ink Productions and the awesome Jennifer Brozek.

Evil Girlfriend Media will be launching more books very soon!

And now I’ll be working with Jim French’s Imagination Theater and TANSTAAFL!

Plus some editing clients and on-off projects.

Watch for more exciting news coming soon!








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