Finally Free!

I’m starting my 4th week of full-time freelance. Yeah, that’s right. I now work from home. It’s wonderful and crazy and I’m just now starting to find the right balance of work, writing and me time. Still lots to figure out but I’m adjusting.

As to why I took the plunge? Several reasons actually.

For one, I was burnt-out at my dayjob. I was good at my job, just ask the girl who’s replacing me, but it really was time to move on.

Secondly, I had come to the point where I needed more time for freelance work. I love being a personal assistant and doing promotions. Having a dayjob, then trying to freelance left me with no personal time besides the essentials (you know laundry, cooking and basic housecleaning.)  Even taking an hour or two to watch a movie left me behind in something and scrambling to catch up.

Thirdly and perhaps most important, I have a family member who will need some care in the not so distant future. With freelance, I can be flexible for doctor appointments, errands, or whatever is needed.

Taking the plunge wasn’t an easy decision even with the reasons listed above. Letting go of a stable income is terrifying. Breaking away from routine and creating a new one doesn’t come easy. Balancing the to-do list with the I want to do list can be conflicting.

But you can do it with a plan. And this week I’m adding to it.

These last few weeks have been some self-upkeep time and lots of freelance work. (Mostly because of new clients that I’m still working on getting everything set up) I’ve added some me time (mostly reading and crafts) and more housekeeping duties (the house is a mess and I’m sorting things for a yard sale.)

This week I’m diving back into my writing. I’ve got 2 projects that I’m working on. A non-fiction piece and my UF novel. Project 1 is about half way finished. I can have the draft done by the end of June if I put in 1,000 words a day. The novel is a rewrite of something I’ve already finished. No, the first draft is not marketable but the core idea is. So rewriting it is the best option. I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of summer. My total word count for both projects need to be around 1,700 words daily (1,000 words for Project 1 and 700 for Project 2.)

By month end, I’ll know where I stand and can probably increase the word counts for P2 even if P1 isn’t quite finished yet.

Oh and I’ve got 3 stories out at the moment. 2 short stories and 1 novella. I’ll update when I know more.

That’s about it for now. Hopefully, I’ll be updating the blog more often again.

Thanks for reading


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