WIP Wednesday – Thanks Mercedes

So one of my good writer friends Mercedes M. Yardley has started up her WIP Wednesdays back up and I thought I’d do one of my own. After all, it’s going to be good to see my progress week to week right?


I’m working on 2 projects right now.  The first is a nonfiction piece based on my freelance work. Current word count is 20,000 words and it should clock in around 40,000 to 50,000 words total. I’m writing at least 1,000 words on this project a day.

Project 2 is my fiction project. It’s an urban fantasy/science fiction mashup (I think) that is the continuation of a novella that is on submission right now. Current word count is just under 10,000.  I think I project a word count of about 60,000 or so. My daily goal for this is 700 a day.


My health and body are always a work in progress. It’s getting hot outside so we’ve been looking for a treadmill so I can walk daily. We found a really nice one this weekend. Older Nordictrack that has the incline feature. It’s in great shape and barely used. Goal is about an hour of activity on that a day plus I’m getting ready for a yard sale so there’s lots of hustle and bustle going on.


As I announced the other day, I’m full-time freelance. It’s allowing me flexibility for several projects at once. I’m happy to say I’m enjoying it. For those curious I’m doing everything from being a virtual personal assistant, promotion, and editing. I’ve even got office hours (kind of). LOL


This is one area where I’d really like to move forward in. Currently, I only have 3 submissions out. One is 310 days (I’ve nudged the editor again just to check on it although I’ve been in contact with him back in January and I know he’s been incredibly busy)  Another submission is at almost 250 days. I should hear back sometime soonish. The last one is just over 90 days and I should hear back from that one in the next month or two.

While I do have some short stories, they aren’t new and they all have been rejected quite a few times. Enough times for me to trunk them and rethink them later. I’ll try to get more shorts up but with 2 bigger projects going, I’m not sure when.  I’ll get to them when I do I guess.


I’ve turned in another beading article for Artisan Jewelry Times. It will be in the July edition. I made 2 new pieces for the article. One is a good possibility for a tutorial. Not complex but would need some explanation. Something else I hope I get to eventually

I’ve got a couple of other yarn projects going. Nothing fancy but they take time. I’ll explain more later about them.

So what projects are you working on this week?






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