WIP Wednesday – It’s a good day

Hello again everyone. It’s time again for a WIP Wednesday.  I missed last week because I simply forgot to post here. But to start off, it’s a good day.

You see, this morning I needed to finish mowing the back yard because it’s supposed to rain for the next few days. So I got up early and grabbed a pair of jeans that I had I had not worn in about a month. The last time I pulled them on I had to wiggle to get into them. Imagine my surprise when I pulled them right on!  While I’ve not pushed myself exercising yet, it’s already paying off !

So let’s start off with the exercise

I’m doing 2-3 miles a day on the treadmill and watching what I eat and when. Not really cutting back but just being aware of what I’m putting in the pie hole. I think this week I’ll get the exercise ball out and work on some core stuff too. 🙂


I’m not as far along on project 1 as I had wanted to be. For one, I had somehow doubled some of the blog posts so my actual word count was closer to about 16,000 instead of 20,000. But that’s fixed now and I’m up to 21,000.

Project 2 is going to take more work. I’ve gotten out of the novel though process and I’m finding it difficult to pick it back up.  I think I’ll go back to handwriting notes at the end of my session so that I know where I’m going the next day. It worked well on other drafts before. Also, I need to clean up my outline a lot. So that will happen in the next few days.


Still loving it!  Although I’m going to have to find more serious reviewers. I’ve got several who are no longer taking submissions.

Story Submissions

Still no word from the 3 I have out. Once I have Project 1 off then I’ll work on revising a couple of my shorts.


Crochet is one of my turn to time killers. The pattern I’m working on now is called a Blarf (wonderful name right?).  It’s a combo of a scarf and a blanket. Basically, you are using up scrap yarn to make this. I’m doing this one in blues, greys and greens.


I’m getting things together for a yard sale. Since I no longer work in an office I’m getting rid of a LOT of that stuff. I’m also cleaning out the kid’s rooms because there’s so much junk they no longer want.  That will be a crazy weekend I’m sure.

Can’t really think of anything else going on, so until next week, have fun!




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