WIP Wednesday July 13

Hey!  Three weeks in a row. Go me!

Welcome again to WIP Wednesday where I tell you where I’m at on various projects I’m working on. If you go back you can actually see I’m doing things! Maybe not as much of one thing or another but progress is being made!


I’ve only been on the treadmill a few days this week. Ended up with a mild UTI this weekend, complete with fever, chills and just felt horrible. Then other things got in my way. I’m going to concentrate this week on resetting my schedule so that I’m up by 9 am or so and doing my exercise around 10. This leaves me more time in the morning for a few things.


Since I was pretty much down for the weekend, I concentrated on the blarf (in between napping and watching some shows.) Yes I sitll find the name incredibly funny. I’ve nearly completed it. Just one more row on the outside and I need to finish tying up all the ends. Then I get to block it. Since I am using some wool yarn this is very important. Blocking stretches the fibers into the shape you want it to hold.

I’m planning a few more of these, but I’m going to change the pattern. While doing this one was easy and fun, I’d like to try a few things and see if they work.


Dear gods, do I have WAY too many clothes. I’ve got the back bedroom nearly cleaned out and sorted and my bedroom nearly finished. Why I waited so long to do this I’m not for sure. Oh yeah, it’s lots of work and I never really had a lot of time to go through everything. If the weather stays clear I’ll be having a yard sale next weekend. To make things easy, I’m doing a $5 stuff a bag. That should help me get rid of a lot of these clothes.


I’ve sent off Project 1 off to a few beta readers. Since I was just adding things, I thought I’d see what they thought was interesting and what was boring. I can cut, fluff and add according to the suggestions.

Project 2 is coming along nicely. I’m over 10K now and getting to new material. I’ve also added a few things that were not on the outline. This adds more pressure to the MC and push her into making a decision that is critical to the story.

I’m also tossing around some ideas for a wild west story for an anthology. Still too many ideas to pin it down yet, but the window is open until later this summer so there’s still lots of time. I’ll probably sit down this weekend and pick out some of the best and see if the muse runs with any of them.

Story Submissions

Still 3. I’ll hear back about the novella or I won’t. Still not sure if this is the right way to go about this one or not. I should hear back about one at any time. The newest one should have a response in about 30 days or less.


Need more reviewers!  (If you are one let me know I’ll get you on my list.)

Working on some PhotoShop stuff this week.

Mid month tends to slow down some. Working on rearranging some of my hours so that I’m using my time more efficiently.

That about sums up my week. I need to keep better track of wordcounts, editing, proofreding and how much time I spend on finding/scheduling stuff. I’ll probably start some sort of spreadsheet to help me keep better track of times and how much I work on what project.



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