WIP Wednesday July 20

That looks kind of neat doesn’t it.

Welcome back to WIP Wednesdays. Here’s where I give you an update on what I’ve been working on this week along with what I’m working towards in the next few days. The things I work on most often are crafting, exercise, submissions, freelance, other and of course writing.  So let’s get started, shall we?


Kind of proud. I didn’t kill myself this week. I tried the 45-minute pre-programed workout.  I Did Not Die. Legs were wobbly and a bit weak after but I did it. I’m going to continue working on that and upping the speed some a little bit at a time. Next, I need to add some core strength and other types of exercise. Need to get rid of the jiggly arms!


I am not doing the yard sale this weekend. Way too hot. With predicted heat index of over 105, that means people aren’t going to want to come and buy stuff. I don’t blame them. I don’t like to get out in the heat either. This just means I have 1 more week to get everything organized.


The Blarf is finished. Nice and big and cozy. Plenty of room to double wrap around my shoulders if I’d like to. Next one will be a different pattern. Probably more of a granny style or something. Will see.

Next is a new project, though. Top secret. I’ll let you know more later.


Still 3 out.  Heard back from the 350+ dday one. They’ll be making a decision soon. Other short story will be another 20 or so days.  Still 2 + months on the third submission.


Found some new reviewers this week. I’ll be flooding their inboxes with review requests from my clients. WOOT!


Been making progress on Project 2. I’ll be at 20,000 words later this week if all goes well. I’m keeping with around 1200 or more words a day. Most scenes take about 2 days to write but some I’ve been whizzing through in a day. Right now, I’ve got the base issues laid out, some side problems are creeping in and I’m just about to drop a big hint. After those I’m just following the formula until I get to the end. This might actually be a quick novel. Will see once I have everything written.

That should be about all.

Oh, wait. One more little thing.

This weekend I got married!  From now on I’m Sarah Craft. 🙂



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