Maybe it’s a snowflake?

When writing a novel or story of any length, there is no one right way to do things. Some stories are just simply written, the full plot delivered by the muse with a ribbon. Other stories take planning especially if things are complicated. A few just begin and you chase the idea until you know what happens next. For one project you might use one way and the next a completely different style. They are all right ways to put a draft on a page.

And then there are the problem children. Project 2 has been on my radar for years. I wrote the very first draft about nine years ago. It was my second completed novel, but even then I knew it wasn’t ready. The main character was a mess the plot was weak and it really didn’t move the story line forward. So I put it aside to learn more about writing in general before I tackled it again.

Fast forward to last year. I began thinking about this novel again and the overall story arc. I have a good idea of where I want it all to go but it’s complicated. There are characters that must be properly portrayed in order for doubt to burrow in the reader’s mind. Certain events must be carefully orchestrated so that the puzzle pieces all fit. I had a few sudden EUREKA! moments that made a lot more sense than what I had originally intended.

So I began putting things together. I’ve got a massive spreadsheet with details on the series, what needs to be foreshadowed, what plots are going to be left hanging in each section. I have character sketches and scene outlines and notes on various things that will pull everything together.

A few weeks ago I pulled out that first draft and read through it. Most of it is scrapped except for a very few scenes. I’ve outlined the entire thing over. And I started writing.

It wasn’t until today that I realized that I had used the Snowflake Method to do this. I’ve skipped a few steps but most of it is there. I see a lot of similarities in what I’ve done from steps 4 on.

I didn’t really realize it until this weekend when I went back and fleshed out the first scene. 2,200 words swiftly turned into nearly 5k as I filled in the details I had hinted at. Now the scenes are cascading down. I’m writing a new scene in just about a day, but then going back and modifying and expanding previously written chapters. It’s a cascading effect. Or maybe a snowball effect.

Anyway, I’ve nearly reached 30K, I suspect that tomorrow I’ll hit that mark easily then by the weekend I’ll be up to about 40K. (Yes things are going that smoothly.) It’s my halfway mark. If I keep things up, I’ll be finished with this first draft before the end of August!

Then the really hard part begins.



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