WIP Wednesday – July 27

WIPWendesdysWelcome again to my weekly update. Wednesday is a great day for this since it’s the one day during the week that I’m caught between realizing I’m behind on something and trying to catch up. 🙂

So let’s see what went on this week.


I tried a different workout this week. Jeez it hurt. Luckily 45 minutes went by quickly. I’ve been watching an episode of Supernatural while  walk, makes torturing my body more enjoyable.


Putting off the yard sale another week. Going to RAIN again. Possibly should have done it last week but with temps in the 100’s and a heat index of crazy I didn’t want to push my luck.


I’ve put up the crochet projects for a little while to focus on a secret project. I’ll just put up this one little hint. It involves lots of knots, string, beads and a photo of a cat. I’ll let you know more about it later.



Same old same old here. I’m in the minimum response window on one although the stats on Doutrope say it should be about 20 more days until I hear back on one story. Still in the running on a second. The novella is out but  no telling when/if I hear back.


Plugging away at my review list. Trying to be more active on some forums and Social Media sites. Some really new projects coming up soon!


This is where things are getting exciting. I hit 30,000 words on the novel last night. In fact, I bounced over that number and ended just over 31K. I will hit 40K this weekend sometime. this means that I’m closing in on the half-way mark. I know I have a few issues with telling in certain scenes and that can be easily fixed later. The inner editor has shut her trap for now since I’m allowing her to play with the scenes two days a week while I push forward with chapters the other five. She’ll have full reign over the manuscript soon enough.

And that’s about it for now.

How’s your work going? Anything new to share?


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