WIP Wednesday Aug 3


WIPWendesdysYou ever feel like you are just running in circles and NOT getting anywhere?  That’s this past week. Was doing great until I hit a brick wall (probably allergies acting up) and all I wanted to do this weekend was sleep and veg out.  I did get things done and the emails tell me I have more to do. But first, the update.


I’m sticking with about 45 minutes a day on the treadmill. I’ve had a wee bit of issues with my ankle but it seems like the more I’m on it the better it feels.  I’m also seeing a chiropractor to fix some issues with my hip that are causing a bunch of pain. You don’t notice that you are stiff and in a bit of pain until it’s gone. I felt a few years younger after my adjustment on Tuesday.


Taking a chance and running the yard sale this weekend. Supposed to rain some Friday evening but it’s a low percentage, maybe it will skip up. Wish me luck!


I’m about half way through phase 1 of a secret project. This phase takes the longest but once I get this part finished it’s relatively easy. Although I might be working on it until the 11th hour. Of couse, I’ll have photos when it’s done. 😉


Well, that’s certainly interesting. I now have had a submission at a market for a full year. (Yea?!) I did hear back from the editor, it’s still in consideration so I’m leaving it for now. The next story that I should hear back from is just under the normal response window. In another week or so I could hear something back. The novella, don’t know anything yet.


Finally!  I’ve got some movement in the review requests. I really was starting to get worried. I had heard crickets for so long it was nervewracking. Now to get all the books to all the people who would like to read and review them.


I’m taking this week off writing because of the yard sale. I need the time to get ahead with freelance work so I’m not behind for next week. Plus I’ll probably be exhausted by the end of the day. I’m sitting at just under 34,000 words. Starting next Monday I’ll start pushing again and hit that 40K and maybe be close to 50K by the end of that week.


Since this novel is an urban fantasy, I’ve been picking over the books I have now and reading or rereading them. Couple of reasons to do this: 1) gives me a better feel for the genre. 2) it helps me firm up the POV of my story 3) I need to start leaving more reviews.

This week’s book was Staying Dead by Laura Ann Gilman. Pretty interesting concept. I did like it. No telling what I’ll pick up for this week.

And that’s about it for now.

How’s your work going? Anything new to share?

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