WIP Wednesday Aug 17



Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well. It’s time again for another WIP Wednesday where we take a look at my progress on whatever I’ve been doing for the past week and share some thoughts.


Been having a little bit of trouble with my left heel. Looked it up and the most likely culprit is planar fascitis. It’s a common issue where some tendons kind of seize up. I’ve had it before and it does go away after I’m moving for a little while but the first few minutes of the day are quite painful. I’ve got an ankle sleeve that I’ve been wearing that’s helping a great deal. Hopefully, it will go  away soon.
But otherwise, been doing 80 minutes or so daily on the treadmill. Supernatural is my distraction from the clock. 🙂


Not much to report on the other this week. Odds and ends and nothing exciting.


Secret project is complete.  🙂  Hopefully, there will be photos for next week.


I received a rejection shortly after I posted my WIP update last week. That story was sent back out. Received another rejection and is now in the queue of another market. I’ll probably receive a response on that one this weekend.

Remember folks submit from the top and work your way down. Don’t self-reject. Let the editor decide if your story is good enough.

Other short story is still in the queue along with novella.

I need to get more stories out.


Been trying to get ahead this week so that I won’t fall behind this weekend while I’m gone. Will see how successful that is on Monday.

New editing project received. Can’t wait to crack it open. Repeat clients FTW!



Again, very little writing completed this week. I spent most of my extra time getting ahead and finishing up a few things here at the house. With any luck, I’ll be refreshed and recharged after the trip.


I’ve only gotten through 1 book this week. It’s another UF. Trying to settle myself on the exact POV that I’m using in my Project 2.

Trip What Trip?

So you might have noticed that I’ve mentioned a trip a few times today. That’s because I’m going to WORLD CON in Kansas City. It’s a few hour’s drive from here, and possibly the only WC I’ll have a chance to go to for a while.
I’ll be Jennifer Brozek’s PA but I do get to meet some of my other clients while I’m up there.

I’ll have lots of news for next week!

Hope all of your projects are going well. Let me know what you are working on!



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