WIP Wednesday Aug 31

WIPWendesdysI’ve gotten into the habit of making sure I have a post for Wednesday even if I don’t post anything the rest of the week. I haven’t missed one in a couple of months now. It’s good to have habits and posting more on the blog is a good one to have.


I’m doing about 80 minutes of walking daily except for last night. I found out our city has a free yoga class 2x a week so decided to try that. I made it through the first class without falling over! I’ll try to go back each week. Stretching and some strength training is always a good thing and a nice break. I am a bit stiff and sore today, but that’s good. Means I worked muscles I hadn’t used in a while.


It is decided. No more yard sales this year. The weather is just too unpredictable and too much work for just a little bit of cash. I’ll be sorting through the clothes and items that didn’t sell. The best stuff will go to a consignment store and the rest will go to our local Good Samaritan shop. Then I’ll need to do more clean up in the garage. It flooded again a bit and there’s stuff that’s gotten wet. ICK.


I’ve started something new this weekend. I’m slowly getting more confident in knitting and so chose this to do next. I’m not in a hurry and am working on it here and there.

I’m also nearly finished with a pretty cool item. Just the clasps left to put on then it will be wearable. Photos when I’ve got my set up out.


Still waiting.

If you think that publishing is quick and easy, think again. Even self-publishing can take a while. Especially if it’s done right.


Nearly finished with 1 editing job. Then I’ll start on the second. Plus there’s the regular work to do so my downtime is pretty tight at the moment, hence the slowdown on crafts and writing.


Not been able to get a lot of that done this week. I wanted 10K out of the way but that’s not as likely with 2 editing projects and end of the month stuff going on. No worries, though, I’m still working on it.


I have been reading nearly every night. Mostly novels or anthologies. Since last month I’ve read 3 novels and nearly through one anthology. A novel a week isn’t difficult since I read quickly. If a book has 300 or so pages I can finish it in about 3-4 hours unless my reading time is really broken up.

It’s become very clear to me that not only do writers have to write but they have to READ as well. And not just in their genres. I’m reading a stack of different types of speculative fiction right now plus some non-fiction. The more you read the more you can determine what kind of writer you are and what you need to improve on.

I do still need to get reviews of the stuff I have read up. I’ll probably just take a day and go through my reading list and do that sometime in September.

That’s about all for this week. Let me know what you’ve been doing.



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