WIP Wednesday, Sept 7



Hello again everyone. Welcome again to WIP Wednesdays. This is where I tell you about my week and what’s been going on.

wipacover-ffactionWOMEN IN PRACTICAL ARMOR

It’s finally out! Women in Practical Armor was released last week. I’ve got a story in it titled “Hero of Ithtar.” I’ll have a separate post for it Friday. Keep an eye out.


Started my second week of yoga classes this week. My hamstrings are horribly tight which is possibly some of the reasons my hips and back are out of whack, but there’s a little bit of improvement. We did some balancing exercises yesterday which was a fun challenge. Many places for improvement.

Still doing the treadmill. 80 or so minutes on the days when I’m not doing yoga. I’ve got one of those cool treadmills that can take your pulse and BP if you grip some metal bars. Pulse doubles but my BP pretty much stays the same. Thought it would go up more than it does.


My oldest is moving out in a few weeks. He’s heading east. This means that I get to figure out what to do with another empty room. Hmmmm….



I’ve only made a little bit of progress on the Dragon Wing Shawl. I am getting closer to that 100-row mark and currently, it’s the longest piece of knitting that I’ve ever made without frogging the entire thing. When I get to the increases (starting on row 116) I’m going to put in a safety line just in case I mess up. This way I can fall back to a safe spot and try again.


Still waiting. But that’s normal. I’ve got 2 shorts that I’m going to work on this month for particular markets.


Newsletters are done for the next few weeks. Today is a catch-up day for a few things then figure out the game plan for the rest of the week.


It didn’t happen this week.


Nearly finished reading War Stories, an anthology from Apex Book Company. Really great military fiction in here. Only a few stories left then I’ll have to decide what to read next.

That’s about it for this week. Hope you’ve made progress on lots of stuff. Would love to hear about what you’ve been working on.




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