WIP Wednesday, Sept. 14

WIPWendesdysYou know I almost missed this. There’s a side effect of working from home, it gets difficult to tell what day it is. Because there’s little to interrupt the flow of days it’s easy to simply forget.

But I did remember so here goes the update”



Third week of yoga. Last Thursday we worked more on the legs and last night was arms. The leg stuff wasn’t so bad but I found I have noodle arms and no upper body strength. So that’s got to change. I bought some weights to use while I’m walking on the treadmill. Easy stuff and hopefully I’ll see a change in strength.

Still doing the treadmill because the weather has been crazy. While the forecast might say it’s only supposed to be in the 70s mid-90s is what we have been getting.  ICK. Plus the humidity makes the heat worse. Not so great to walk in. Hopefully, it will shift back to a more normal weather and we’ll have cooler days and I’ll go outside for my walks.


Not really much to say for the other category right now. Several things in limbo so until there’s some sort of movement then I’m in a holding pattern.


Little more progress with the scarf. I’m not in a hurry to finish it, but it’s nice to say there’s been progress.

I also bought some supplies for a new project. If you ever been to a convention, you’ve had to deal with lariats or those ugly clip-on things to hold your badge. What if there was an alternative? Something that looked nice? I’ll have some updates on this once I have a few things figured out.



Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Yes, this is a part of publishing. Sometimes it’s quick responses and other times you realize your stuff’s been out for a year. (which reminds me I need to poke a market again.)

I did clean up a story for a submission window next month. Looking at some of my other stuff wondering where I can sub to next.


It’s hard to tell if you are ahead or behind sometimes in freelance. You send things such as review requests out and don’t hear back for months. Then all of a sudden there’s so much to do. 😉


Again, another week without wordage. I’m hoping that after a couple of freelance things are cleared off my plate I’ll be back at it.


I’ve been reading at a steady pace. Need to do the reviews. Why I slack off on this? I dono.

Not really a lot to talk about this week. Had my allergies act up and made me feel like crap for a couple of days. Feel much better now. But otherwise it’s same old same old.

Don’t forget to get your copy of WOMEN IN PRACTICAL ARMOR!



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