WIP Wednesday, Sept. 21



Hello, and welcome back to my weekly update.

If you’d like to comment or do your own weekly update, please let me know. I’d love to see what you are up to.


Youngest wanted to go yard saleing on Saturday morning. We headed out at 7 am and headed to Fort Leonard Wood where a large community yard sale was being held. Since it opened after 8, we spent a little time driving around and finding some others before we hit the big one.

I came home with a pair of pants for B, a lovely jacket for me, and a couple of odds and ends. Youngest bought tools, a broken chain saw and other oddments. Oldest bought a BB gun. We had a great time and I’m thankful we got to spend some time together before Oldest leaves for Pensylvania this weekend.

On that note, I’ll probably be a bit bummed this weekend but I’ll be fine. My kids are nearly grown!


Yoga has really helped my hips and back. We have a very small class so the instructor is able to spend time to help with positioning. I’m seeing more flexibility and less pain every week.

In October we are supposed to start having a Karate class here in town. I’m looking forward to doing this.



The dragon wing shawl is coming along. Still not made it to the increases yet but as I’ve said before I’m in no hurry. (At least until it gets cooler and I’ll want something warm on my shoulders!)

I’m also doing some edging samples. I’ve found a lot of edging patterns and I want to see what ones would look good with the cuff bracelets. The good part is I’ll have pieces ready to put together as I work.

Oh and you haven’t seen the cuffs yet have you? These are macrame bands with crocheted lace around the edging. There’s a lacy portion that covers most of the back of the hand. It’s quite comfortable to wear. I’ll be making more of these. 😉 Watch for them next year.



Waiting Waiting Waiting.

For those of you who are new to publishing, waiting is the name of the game. Getting published takes time.

In the mean time, I got a story ready for submission for October 1st. I’ll have to be up at midnight in order for it to make it into the pile.



It’s almost time for newsletters again. Preliminary work this weekend, then I’ll spend part of next week getting those finished. Then, there’s more book reviews etc that need to be done.

Oh and I got a new client this week. I’ll tell you more about her later.


Half way finished with a short story. I’ll need at least another 2K for it to meet the submission guidelines.

And I finished up a 1500 word blog post for AIP this week.


This week has been taking care of beta reading. 2 down 1 more to go. Then I’ll be back to the regular reading schedule.

So that’s about it for this week. What are you writing or reading this week?




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