Quantity of prose

wpid-20140603_101102.jpgSo I admit I am not a prolific writer.

Much of my writing is done in phases. Several ideas, handwritten scribbles written on paper, then to the computer where they get typed out, added to and revised. Sometimes it’s a painful process trying to squeeze one word out at a time. Other times I cannot keep up with the ideas as my fingers dance across the keyboard.

I see other author friends announce another story finished, sent off, accepted at one place or another and I have to wonder at their process. Do they simply have so many ideas that the words flow from them like water? Or do they take apart old work, and patch it with new things?

Would that make the story a Frankenstein or a upcycle?  I can’t decide what term amuses me more since I do the same thing. Bits of old work that’s clearly not sellable make their way into new stuff. It’s much the same thing as I do with beads or the crochet cuffs.

Currently, I’m not borrowing things from older work unless you count the novel progress. I’ve finished a short story–something I’m currently pretty happy with. All new material. With luck, I’ll have another finished by the end of the month. I’m hoping for another idea to solidify for another anthology, but I’m not pushing it. So far, there’s nothing on the radar but it could come to me.

Once the beta readers are finished with the first, I’ll tweak the story again then send it to market. Depending on the feedback, I might try the pro level markets or the second tier. I’ve not broken into a pro-level market yet.

I’ve not broken into a pro-level market yet but I’ve had some great feedback. So many “close but not quite” comments it’s frustrating at times. But I keep trying. There’s improvement in everything I write. My fondest hope is that someday an editor will wait impatiently for a written piece of paper I’ve scribbled a few words on.



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