WIP Wednesday- a few changes


I didn’t do a WIP update last week. No reason really except I found I was pretty much repeating some of the same things over and over. Maybe that’s a little progress but nothing to really say anything about. So I’ll only be doing WIP Wednesdays every couple of weeks.

Secondly, it’s that time of the year. I’m not talking about holidays but less daylight. It causes me a few little problems. Mostly I tend to drift into a fog with leads to some slight depression issues and not getting things done and well, other not good things.

Because of this, I’m changing things up. Some of it is to continue the journey to getting more fit (you know actually scheduling time on the treadmill) and getting more work out. So I’ve shifted my “me” time things to the morning. Early afternoon is dedicated to some housework and cooking and then the afternoon/evenings are for freelance work. I’m on day 2 and it’s working but I’ll know if I need to make adjustments withing the next few weeks.


Depending on the day I’m doing anywhere from 40 to 80 minutes on the treadmill. I’m concentrating on upping the speed so I can get to a jog. Not sure how the hips and knees will hold up. If they do, I might try running a bit. If not, I’ll still be happy with a slow jog or fast walk.

Yoga is also helping quite a bit with my back issues. Stretching is helping relax the muscles and allowing my hips to resume their normal place. Tight hamstrings don’t help much with these issues but I can touch my toes again!


I actually have 4 short stories out now. One has been out on sub for over 400 days (yes I’ve spoken with the editor but I poked him again last week). Two of the submissions I’ll hear about in a week or so. The last story won’t be responded to for at least a month.

I’m toying with pulling some other stories out of the trunk and shoving them back out there.


I started a notebook with open submissions I’d like to write for. Mostly anthologies or special projects. A few ideas have popped up and I’ll be fleshing those out with a brief outline before I start writing.

I did finish a 5K short story the other week. I had someone look over it, made a few changes and it’s already making the rounds. Maybe it will find a home soon.

I’ve also gotten back to the novel. I read it back through yesterday. 1K so far today. Funny thing is I’ve started seeing the scenes in the back of my head again. They might be from scenes later in the series, but being able to play the book-movie in my head lets me know I’m on the right track.


My crafting time is limited. Mostly an hour or so a day or as I can snatch a few minutes here and there as I’m waiting for something to finish. But those minutes count. I’ve finished up another cuff and started a new one last night.


My oldest moved out last week. He’s now launched into full adulthood about 1200 miles away. Yes, it’s a scary thought for me but I know he’ll be okay.

But I now have 2 rooms which can be used for various purposes. 1 will be my office/crafting room. The other will be for storage. However, I’ve got to clean them up, figure out what to do with a bunch of other stuff and get things done. I may just have to take a few days here and there and focus on that sometime later.


I am going to be really busy for a while. Several books launch in the next few months. Plus there’s editing and other stuff. 😀


Other odds and ends going on. The holidays are coming up. Maybe I’ll put up a tree this year… oh wait, I have cats. Scrap that thought. I can imagine what kind of trouble my furballs would get into with a tree in the house. I can barely keep them off the computer tables! lol

Otherwise, it’s been quiet here. Moving foward. Always moving forward.



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