WIP Wednesday, June 7


Hi folks, I know it’s been a while, but I’m starting this weekly update again.

Sorry I got distracted there for a while. Been crazy busy with lots of projects. But I’m back to at least sharing what I’ve been doing lately.

So here goes.



Last month my husband bought me an activity tracker. Nothing fancy since all I need is a step counter. Since then I’m averaging about 7,200 steps a day. What I’m most proud of is the weight is coming off. I don’t have a scale–I’d be horribly obsessed with the numbers if I did–but I did measure some stratigic places. As of 10 days ago I lost 2 inches on my waist and 1 inch in my hips. Somehow I managed to gain 1 inch in each of my thighs but I’m hoping that’s just muscle tone.  I’ll measure myself in another 2 weeks and see how things are going.


Currently, I have 5 submissions out in the wild. I made some great progress at the beginning of the year with new stories (5) but hadn’t written anything since March. Time to change that this month. I also need to edit some of those stories and start sending them out. Goal is 10 stories out in the wild by November.

Oh I did forget to mention that I have sold 2 stories this year.

“Deals” is in the Women in Horror edition of Siren’s Song.
“Myathan Rainbows” will be in an upcomming issue of Neo-opsis


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and research on some of my work lately. Namely the Shattered Souls series. I just don’t see that it’s marketable unless I self-pub. I’ve not had much response on the novella except the beta readers really enjoy it.  Which leads me to think that for this series self-pub will be the way to go. Hence, lots of research.

I’m doing some revisions to the first novella, Fear Bound. Once I’m finished it should reach about 30K words. I’ll be doing the cover for it and getting an editor for line edits and possibly someone to do the formatting. Then see how it does. I’ve outlined the second novella, have a start on the 3rd and am about halfway through a first draft of the first novel. I have also been writing various scenes in the series as they pop into my head. Plus the outlines for the next 2 novels.

Besides the time I’m putting into these what can it hurt?



Not really been doing a lot of this lately. Not a lot of time.


I hauled 2 small pick up loads of clothes and stuff from my garage last month. I can finally see the floor again!  I still need to do more cleaning and sorting of stuff but there is a huge improvement. I’ve also got the office nearly complete. At least the cats enjoy it. There’s a standing desk, my regular desk and enough room for some yoga when I need a break.



I’ve been doing a wide range of freelance over the past few months. From transcription to line edits, to editing and promotion. Busy girl is busy.


Youngest graduated last month which means he’ll be moving on to mechanic’s school this fall. So both of my boys will be gone soonish. Kind of sad-kind of happy. Very proud of both of them.

That’s the short of what’s been going on. I’ll have things like word counts and such later.

In the mean time, have fun!



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