2017 End of Year Round Up

So last year was, well, interesting was it not? So many things good and bad went on. While I’ve not been very vocal on here I have been busy. Let me give you a summary.

In 2017 I did get some writing done.
6 short stories written
2 acceptances
4 still either trying to find a home or awaiting various editing passes
I spent a lot of time working on the Shattered Souls series (mainly a novella and the first book). As it stands, this series is currently trunked. There are some broken things that I haven’t figured out how to fix yet. Rather than spin my wheels on it, it’s been set aside for now.
Oh and I joined SFWA this year!
12 posts for Apocalypse Ink’s Author Etiquette

I have ended up taking on a dayjob to help supplement my freelance work.
The first job that I took wasn’t working out so well, considering I was being scheduled 40 hours when I only wanted half of that.
Second job is so much better. Regular hours, fairly simple, low stress. Does mean that I’m working with the public all day, which sometimes leaves me drained but hey, it’s good practice for having a table at a con right?

I started painting again this year. Mostly in acrylic and mostly doing nebulas. It’s great fun and relaxing so long as the cats stay out of my rinse water.
Completed some crochet projects this year. Mainly some hats and some cuffs.
Beading, sadly again, has taken a back seat. But not for long!

Freelance Work
This is where I spend most of my time.
I’ve edited several books ranging from fantasy, zombie apocalypse, thriller and science fiction.
Ran several promotional campaigns.
Personal assistant
Tried out some transcription work. I actually liked it!
And did a few other items.

That’s all of the important stuff I did this year. I’m looking forward to what 2018 is bringing. Can’t tell you yet but it’s exciting!

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