What I’d like to do in 2018

The future is unpredictable, hopefully, that’s something we all know by now. However, we can make plans and try our best to follow through.

This is what I’m planning for 2018.

New series– Instead of running around trying to fix a broken series, I’ve decided to trunk it and start something new. I’ve got a very short character sketch and a skeleton of an outline for a new novel that I plan to start sometime in January. No title or series name yet, just some really great ideas.
I’ve also been nibbling away at some space opera ideas. Nothing firm, just ideas.
Short stories- I do plan on entering more contests and open calls this year. For instance, I’m currently working on a story for the Baen Short story contest. Timing is going to be more crucial because I’ve got to balance dayjob with freelance but I always carry a small notebook with me so I can jot down ideas when I have a moment of downtime at work.

I simply love to make things and it helps keep me sane, so I am going to do more of it. I’ll probably bounce between several types so hang in there. Crochet can be quite portable unless I’m doing some sort of blanket, so I’ll try to keep a project with me while I’m at the computer. A quick 10-minute crafting break can help reset the brain in between projects. Follow my Instagram account for updates on what I’m working.

I lost about 25 pounds last year and I’m going to keep that trend going. Next project is converting my treadmill into a walking desk. I’ve looked at several different types of desks and I think I’ve figured out what mine needs to be like. Since I can’t keep my treadmill down all the time (space issue) my treadmill desk will have to be something I can fold up easily. I’ll let you know next week how my plan works as I’ll be getting the materials to build it this weekend.
My goal is at least 5K steps a day and 10K at least 3 days a week.
I will be doing yoga several times a week and I plan on getting some sort of resistance and weight training in somehow. (if you have ideas on how to incorporate this, let me know.)

I have some really great opportunities coming up. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about them yet but I will when I can.
I am still open to editing and promotional gigs.

This is one that’s really up in the air. I’d love to attend, but finances are tight. Plus, before I go to anything not local, Husband needs to go see his dad. *fingers crossed that that happens this year.

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