Hey! An update!

Wow, March already. Sorry about the no updates. But I have been busy. Here’s what I’ve been doing.


There’s a lot less stress with the current dayjob. I’m a cashier/stocker at the local grocery store. At times it’s busy but there’s a lot of slow time where I can let stuff simmer on the back burner. I’m only working a few days a week but that’s fine. It gets me out of the house, I socialize a bit, and there’s steady income. Plus, I use this to pay taxes at the end of the year.


I’ve had a few nibbles on editing clients. Unfortunately, none of them have panned out. However, I’m working on a co-authoring venture. We are in the editing phase right now. Look for news in a few months.
If you want to check out my rates, look here.


I’m working on several client’s projects at the moment. Check out:
Denver Moon – HEX Publishers
To Fight the Black Wind – Fantasy Flight Games
The Prince of Artemis V – Apocalypse Ink Productions
Abyss & Apex – short story market- Watch for a new Patreon page!

This right here is where most of my time is going towards at the moment. There are several stages of promotion and right now the most time-consuming portion is stage 1–which is contacting reviewers/bloggers. Guess what stage all of these projects are? heh

Also, if you want to hire me for promotion, look at what I can do for you here.


So I’ve been a bit stuck in the writing department lately. Partially because of the usual winter blahs but also been trying to balance a lot more stuff. (see above sections) I have put words on the page, but it hasn’t been fiction. What I have been writing is a series of articles for AIP and a few essays that maybe could be published in other publications. So there have been words, just not what I was expecting.

However, I’ve got 2 series nipping at the back of my head right now. I have been writing out notes (sometimes at work!) so I’m not going to forget key points that have jumped out at me. Now to just find more time.

Just a note, I am very willing to cut back on writing time for client work. Don’t be afraid to contact me!


This one is important. Last year I lost about 25lbs and I want to lose more. Unfortunately, an author’s life requires butt in chair, fingers on keyboard which means lots of sitting in front of the computer. Not good if you are wanting to be healthy and lose weight.
So, since I work is only a mile and a half from home, I’ve been walking to work and back on nice days (basically so long as it’s not raining/snowing and roads are clear it’s a nice day). Those days I get 10K steps in or more.  For me, weight comes off fairly easily if I’m active so walking works great. I have lost some weight this year, but I have no idea how much.

I’m also going back to doing Yoga as often as possible. There are free classes in town that I’ll go to when I can. I’m also looking into some martial arts. I’ve always wanted to try martial arts. Going to depend on the budget though. (more freelance work please!)


Yes, I have been crafting but again, between dayjob, editing, and promotion, not as much as I’d like.
Projects I’m working on:
Unicorn Hat
Cabrochon piece 

Volunteer work

Much of the world runs on volunteers. While some people think this “free work” or “working for exposure” volunteering for things can help you.
1- you get to meet some really great people
2- You get to work for a cause you care about
3- You get to learn the backside of organizations

I’m involved in a couple of projects that I volunteer time for.
SFWA – I put together the New Release Newsletter:  This newsletter goes out every other month and features new releases (novels, short stories, games and more) from SFWA members.
Notables Project– This project is to help get more exposure for POC/Women game developers/writers/designers. More on this project later.


This is another place that I’d love to devote more time to. However, like many things, I read when I can. Thank goodness for books downloaded into my phone! I can sneak in a few minutes at break time or when it’s slow at the customer service station.

So that’s what’s been going on lately. What news do you have?

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