About Me

I’m not that exciting of a person really, well at least not on the outside anyway.  I would say I am just a typical female in that respect.  My 30 something hair tinged with grey, when I don’t keep it colored, the fine lines of wrinkles around the eyes, slight pudginess of a mid life body.  I am not one to call attention to myself, in fact, I would rather sit on the sidelines and watch from there.

But inside, well that is a different area entirely.  I’m a dreamer at heart.  One of those people that hears a few notes of music and is whisked into a world that only she knows.  I’m a listener.  People just naturally talk to me, people I know and those I do not.  I don’t interrupt often, perhaps that is why they talk to me.  I’m a mom.  I have two boys who I love dearly.  I also have a wonderful supportive fiance.

Not only do I write, I’m also an artist.  I draw, I write, I sing little ditties that pop in my head. Dig through my archives to see some of my beading experiments. And one of these days I’ll be able to play with fire (Literally) again.

Currently I have a few stories out in the wild.

“Ordinary Hero” was released by Lakeside Circus in Feb. 2014

The Coin Whisperer”  from Abyss and Apex in July 2014.

The Fadeaway” Will be published in Grievous Angel- August 2014.

“Rachel’s Journal” is in the In Situ anthology from Dagan Books,  2012.

“The Gammi Experiment” is in the Space Battles #6 from Flying Pen Press spring 2012.*

“Never to Return” will be in the FISH anthology from Dagan Books, spring 2012.

Currently I have written two novels.

The first, Color of Shadows is a fantasy totaling just over 110,000 words.  At some point I will be tackling edits.

Second is Dragon Masque, book (1 or 2 not so sure yet) of the Shattered soul series.  This 70,000 word epic fantasy needs some love but I am not going to work on it until the series is finished.

The second novel of the Shattered Soul series is nearly complete and named Tiger Eye

Tasting Humanity, a post-apocalyptic short was featured in the debut Support the Little Guy ezine in November 2010.

My second accepted story You Don’t Belong won the Halloween contest at With Painted Words again in November 2010.

To contact me please email at shadowflame1974 (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you

*I have removed the Amazon link (future post pending)

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