Editing Rates

Congratulations on finishing your story. It’s a great accomplishment. But now you need to dedicate time and energy to making your story better. After your alpha and beta readers, you need someone to help fill in the plot holes you can’t see, correct the grammar and punctuation issues you missed and connect all of those missing pieces together. In short, you need an editor.

There are 3 major types of editing an author might need. (This often depends on the level of writing experience but can vary from person to person.)

Developmental Edits
The developmental edit looks at the story as a whole. Focuses on characters (consistency, growth, etc.), Plot (major and minor story lines), scenes and basic story structure. Basically the bones of the story.

Content Edits
A content edit will focus more on the chapter by chapter content of the story. It will look at sentence structure, pacing, etc.

Line Edits
Line edits are a line by line edit that looks for grammar, missing/misused words, spelling and consistency errors. This is by far the most time consuming of all of the editing phases.

I will edit manuscripts and short stories.

Editing Rates:

Short stories
$20 per hour- 2-hour minimum. Full edit of a 7500-word story complete with editorial notes usually takes 2 hours +/-.

Developmental and Content Edit
$200 for 80,000-word manuscript. Will look for issues in the development of the story, plot, character development, and author bad habits. Does not include LINE EDITS. Will also include an editorial letter highlighting issues that need to be addressed.

Line Edits
1¢ per word. If you need this immediately, there will be a rush fee. 

If you would like me to take a look at a sample please send me 5,000 words in the MIDDLE of the manuscript. I will then recommend either a developmental, content or in very rare cases a line edit.

I am willing to work with authors on a payment plan and am open to a 1-time conference call on skype or google hangouts to discuss edits.

For more information, you can email me or contact me via Facebook or Twitter.