About Me

My name is Sarah Craft, and I’m a queen of chaos.

You see, during any given day I perform various tasks that relate to writing, art, and home life and sometimes it can be a bit challenging to get everything done at once. I work from home so that helps but, without my planner, I’d get lost pretty quickly.

My day usually consists of writing and some art in the morning, getting my husband off to work and then the various tasks I do with promoting, editing and other client tasks. I’m a freelancer with a lot of tools in my tool box and I’m always adding more.

My current list of stories are:

“Deals” in Women in Horror edition of Siren’s Call eZine

“The Coin Whisperer” in Best of Abyss & Apex Volume II

“Hero of Ithar” in Women in Practical Armor 

“The Dirty Nest” EMG Shorts

“Filling the Well” Disturbed Magazine (sept 2015)

Among the Jewels” Kasma Magazine (2014)

The Fadeaway” Grievous Angel

“Ordinary Hero” Lakeside Circus (2014)

“Rachel’s Journal” in In Situ anthology from Dagan Books

“The Gami Experiment” in Space Battles anthology from Flying Pen Press and FISH from Dagan Books.

“Never to Return” FISH from Dagan Books.

I also write for small press and crafting magazines.

Articles have appeared in

Artisan Jewelry Times  (Aug 2015) (Dec 2015) (April 2016)

Author Etiquette – Apocalypse Ink Production (2015- current)

I’m also a publicist, personal assistant, and freelance editor.


I’m glad you stopped by feel free to contact me at shadowflame1974 at gmail dot com

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