There are times when no matter how hard you try to get something done, you come upon obsticles that test your resolve.  It might be a huge tree fallen in a storm that you cannot drive around, or ballgames mess up your schedule.  You stand there wondering two things “WTF?”  and “WTH?” Or at least I do at times.

I have had 2 weeks of the “WTH?”  First I contracted a major virus on my computer. The harddrive is okay for the moment, however my unit will not connect to the internet.  I am very glad that I had everything backed up on disks and a portable hard drive.

Later that week, I started a new job.  That means getting up at 5:30 in the morning so that I can get in a brief work out, shower, get the kids up (if I have them that week), and go to old job at about 6:30 or a bit later depending on the day.  At 8:15 I leave for my new job andwork until 4. On Mondays I go back to the old office and see what else I need to finish up for the paper on Tuesday.

Thirdly, the kids began their baseball season last week. At least two nights a week I will be gone from home attending ballgames.  So far, out of 4 nights of games (both boys had games the same nights last week and this week) 2 nights of games were cancled,and no games won.

I do not think you could have screwed up my schedule any better if you tried.  I have been keeping a notebook with me, however except for a few entries of ideas, I have not been able to keep up with much. 

Next week will be different.  My computer will be up an running sometime next week.  (I hope)  I will be in the new job full time without constant supervision. Most of the time I will be alone here doing what needs to be done and the rest of the time is my own.  Of course the more I learn about this job, the less “free time” I will have.   Ballgames are hit (pardon the pun) and miss but I hope to figure out some writing time in that too.  Things are going to settle down, just going to take a bit.

So no goals again this week. I have been failing miserably at them, but well sometimes the attempt is worth the effort.


5 responses to “Obsticles

  1. “Ballgames are hit (pardon the pun) and miss”


    I know what you mean, those kinds of obstacles are damn frustrating. If in this life or the next I ever find out where they come from, serious words will be had >_<


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